At 96 years old
Despite warnings from her doctors: The Queen has swung back on the horse

Ever since she was a child, Queen Elizabeth II has been fascinated by horses.

Ever since she was a child, Queen Elizabeth II has been fascinated by horses.

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Queen Elizabeth II seems to have overcome her mobility problems for the time being, as at the age of 96 she was spotted back at her favorite sport, horseback riding.

Recently, the ongoing news about Queen Elizabeth II’s mobility problems has worried royal fans around the world. The first good news came a few days ago when the monarch received the Archbishop of Canterbury at Windsor Castle – without a walking stick, which had become the Queen’s constant companion for the past few weeks. And now the tabloid “The Sun” reports that the 96-year-old is said to have swung back into the saddle of one of her beloved horses.

The royal horseback ride at Windsor Castle took place against the express advice of their doctors. Around nine months ago, the Queen was asked not to pursue her great passion, horseback riding, for health reasons. The British news site “Daily Mail” even published the latest Photos of the Monachin on horseback.

The next professional trip is to Scotland

A source told The Sun: “The Queen has enjoyed being back on her horse. Being back on horseback is a wonderful sign after all the worries about her health. To do that at 96 years old is quite impressive .”

The fact that the Queen is apparently doing better is also reflected in her alleged desire to travel to Scotland for “Holyrood Week”. Each year the Queen spends a week visiting different regions of Scotland, meeting Scots from all walks of life and receiving thousands at the Palace of Holyroodhouse to give them her appreciation for a job well done. Known in Scotland as “Royal Week” or as “Holyrood Week”, these visits honor Scottish culture, achievement and community. “Holyrood Week” usually takes place from late June to early July. Will the Queen be there again? be loud “The Mirror” but not yet finally decided. After all, she has had to cancel several official appointments in recent months due to health problems. However, the fact that Elizabeth II has gotten back in the saddle seems to be a good sign.

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