Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov on talks in Iran

Lavrov and Raisi (r.)

Lavrov and Raisi (r.)

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has been in Iran since Wednesday for talks on increased cooperation.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has been holding talks on increased cooperation in the Russian Federation since Wednesday Iran on. Lavrov first met President Ebrahim Raisi, state television website Iribnews reported.

During his two-day visit Lavrov with representatives of the Iranian leadership “discuss the nuclear agreement, the situation in Ukraine, Syria and Afghanistan, strengthening cooperation in trade and energy spheres, as well as developing cooperation in the Eurasian region and the Caucasus,” Iribnews wrote.

The Irna news agency previously reported that Lavrov would meet his Iranian colleague Hossein Amir-Abdollahian on Thursday. The two countries affected by international sanctions had recently agreed that their cooperation in the areas of energy and trade.

Lavrov’s visit to Tehran This is also taking place against the background of the negotiations on reviving the international nuclear agreement with Iran, which began in Vienna in April 2021. Russia is a signatory to the agreement along with the US, China, France, the UK and Germany.

The aim of the talks is to persuade Washington to return to the 2015 agreement under which Iran would limit its nuclear activities in exchange for an easing of international sanctions. However, the talks have been deadlocked since March.

the United States had withdrawn from the agreement in 2018 and reinstated sanctions against Iran. In response, Iran has gradually reneged on its commitments. At the same time, Tehran has always emphasized that it is not striving to build nuclear weapons.

Long enemies, Russia and Iran have drawn closer politically and militarily in recent years due to common geopolitical interests. Moscow also played a key role in implementing the nuclear deal by taking over surplus enriched uranium from Iran.

Iranian President Raisi traveled to Moscow in January, where he met his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin and presented a plan to strengthen ties between the two countries over the next 20 years. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak visited Tehran in late May after Moscow attacked Ukraine.