Thursday, June 23, in the evening, a Carcassonne police officer used his weapon against a driver who rushed him as part of a refusal to comply. The Alliance CFE-CGC departmental office salutes the “courage” of the officials mobilized on this intervention, and renews its claim in favor of a “presumption of self-defense” for the police.

The facts that occurred this Thursday evening in Carcassonne occur in a national context where the use of firearms by police officers has been a subject of debate for several weeks. As a reminder, two people were injured by bullets on June 4 in the 18e arrondissement of Paris: the police had opened fire following a refusal to comply, during a check for failure to wear a seat belt. The passenger in the vehicle did not survive her injuries.

From then on, the subject was notably invited in the legislative campaign, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, boss of Nupes, not hesitating to declare that “the police kill”. Reacting to the events that occurred this Thursday evening in the center of Carcassonne, the Alliance CFE-CGC departmental office for its part calls for the use of firearms in the context of this specific intervention.

Union delegates from Aude thus affirm that “the policeman had to use his weapon to protect his life”and greet “the courage of the intervening police officers who faced a particularly dangerous individual who did not hesitate for a moment to rush at them”. But while also wishing “a speedy recovery to the injured policeman”Alliance CFE-CGC in turn broadens the reflection to a wider field.

“With a refusal to comply every twenty minutes in France, it is time for legislators to do everything possible to ensure the security of the police. We can no longer continue to work like this: we are in favor of the presumption of self-defence”. A scenario that the union of course strongly defends as to the course of the events in the Bastide.

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