Outstanding Journalism
“The Hanau Protocols” and “Why Julian Reichelt Had to Go”: These are the winners of the STERN Prize 2022

The STERN Prize 2022 honors outstanding journalistic achievements of the past year

The STERN Prize 2022 honors outstanding journalistic achievements of the past year

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Five categories, 25 award winners. Of the star and the publishing house Gruner + Jahr have honored outstanding journalism with the STERN Prize 2022. Özlem Gezer and Timofey Neshitov were honored for the best report for their “Hanau Protocols”.

Four outstanding journalistic works are presented this evening as part of a festive awards ceremony Hamburg been awarded the STERN Prize 2022. The following journalists were honored for their excellent work:

“Story of the Year”

Isabell Huelsen, Juliane Löffler, Anton Rainer, Alexander Kühn, Martin U. Müller, Daniel Drepper, Katrin Langhans and Marcus Engert for “Why Julian Reichelt had to go”; “The mirror”.

Özlem Gezer and Timofey Neshitov for “The Hanau Protocols”; “The mirror”.


Stella Vespermann, Andreas Neumann and Sebastian Manz for “Discrimination when looking for accommodation”; Radio Bremen television – magazine “Buten und binnen”.


John Goetz, Bastian Berbner, Ole Pfluger, Ben Hopkins, Sabine Korbmann, Barbara Biemann, Johanna Leuschen, Kathrin Bronnert, Lukas Augustin, Poul-Erik Heilbuth, Dietmar Schiffermüller, Volker Steinhoff, Stefan Buchen, Gunnar Krupp, “Slahi and his torturers” ; Das Erste, Panorama, STRG_F, NDR, Arte.de and ARD.de.

In addition to the awards in the four competition categories, this year the STERN editors-in-chief awarded the “Republic Prize” to the journalist, author and producer Stephan Lamby. In doing so, she honored his entire journalistic achievement.

Only one STAR price

This year, the STERN Prize took the place of the renowned Nannen Prize. For this they had star and the publisher Gruner + Jahr are determined to defuse the debate that has arisen about Henri Nannen’s past and to draw attention to those outstanding journalists whose work deserves special recognition.

The chairman of starEditor-in-Chief, Gregor Peter Schmitz, said at the start of the award ceremony: “Perhaps we all didn’t look closely enough. And sometimes you need external impulses to take a closer look and there were.” The publishing house announced the one-off renaming last week. Schmitz also said that there is no alternative prize trophy yet, this will be given to the winners later.