This Thursday, at the world swimming championships, the French Mewen Tomac took fifth place in the final of the 200 meters backstroke.

Mewen Tomac boldly played her luck. This Thursday, at the world swimming championships, near Budapest in Hungary, the Frenchman, who started at the water line number six, finally finished fifth in the 200-meter backstroke final. However, the Habs were indeed in the lead, at the time of the first turn, thanks in particular to a very good last part of the first length. Visibly eager to play his cards thoroughly, Tomac, despite everything, then demoted to fourth, fifth position, while trying to take advantage of the inspiration of its competitors, and to be better placed. In the third length, the gaps were not necessarily made yet. Fifth just before the last corner, the Habs tried to come back, but it finally proved too complicated.

The French record is getting closer

On arrival, it is therefore a fifth final place for the main interested party, in a time of 1:56.35, his new personal best, 25 small hundredths of the French record. The disappointment was not necessarily appropriate, at the microphone of France Televisions : “I thought the podium was going to go slower than that. So, I hoped, why not, to be there. But hey, we still have to work. I’m happy, I’m doing my race. I’m even better than yesterday. I am happy. What is he missing? “A little more work, I think. Anyway, there is always a lack of work. This is my first final, so I was very excited. I think I left some feathers in there. To want to go there all the time. I think that’s just it. »