Following the revelations of L’Equipe on the working conditions within the Organizing Committee of the Rugby World Cup, the first measures have been taken…

The survey published by The Team, Wednesday, had the effect of a bomb in the world of rugby. The revelations did not surprise those who are used to frequenting Claude Atcher, the big boss of France 2023, guilty of reigning terror within the GIP France organizing the Rugby World Cup, with insults and of bullying. The same, of course, as the employees of the Organizing Committee.

The GIP France 2023 thus announced that its social and economic committee (CSE) had met in an extraordinary way “at the request of the staff representatives in consultation with the employer”. Management and staff representatives have agreed on a system providing for “the establishment of a toll-free number as soon as possible in order to guarantee an anonymous escalation of reports”according to a press release published by the France 2023 Organizing Committee.

Another decision of this extraordinary CSE, a “independent qualified expert, chosen by the staff representatives and financed by the GIP in accordance with the provisions of the labor code” will carry out a social audit, the GIP France ensuring that it wants to put “everything to shed light on the discomfort and emotion felt by some of its employees and to guarantee working conditions that respect their integrity.”

“As a shareholder of GIP France 2023 – as is the State -, the FFR naturally decided to carry out a social audit and that is normal, confirmed the president of the Federation, Bernard Laporte to La Provence. Me, I am not a judge. There is an audit that will be done; that’s the lesser of it. »