The recent theatrical release of the film ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ has returned to stoking the furor over air combat teams and curiosity about the combat vehicles that fly the skies has increased again. In Granada, with the Armilla Air Basebelonging to the Air Force as a stage, This Thursday there was a particular ‘Top Gun’ that has nothing to envy to the Hollywood blockbuster.

around the 1:00 p.m. has started a small and impromptu flight display that has lasted for an hour and that has left the residents of the towns Armilla, Alhendín, Ogíjares, Las Gabias and Churriana de la Vega, municipalities in which the military installation is located, with their mouths open. Some maneuvers have even been seen from the capital.

The protagonists have been deep red aerobatic plane And till six helicopters Eurocopter EC 120B Colibri of the ASPA Patrol, which is based in the Granada hangars. During the middle of the day they have maneuvers, acrobatics and have released the characteristic white smoke that draws spectacular trails in the sky.

The residents of these towns in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Granada they are used to hearing the noises of helicopters and cargo planes that execute their maneuvers over the Granada sky, both day and night. However, the frequency of passage and the intense noises of the same, which this Thursday they have flown over residential areas lower than usualhave caused hundreds of onlookers to lean out from balconies and windows to enjoy the impromptu air show.

According to sources from the Armilla Air Base Protocol service, Grenada Todaythis small acrobatic display that has surprised the people of Granada was simply ausual maneuvers of the ASPA Patroland it was not an acrobatic exercise to use, such as the one that could be experienced this Sunday on the beaches of Motril.

These exercises have served, as they have highlighted, to perform maintenance on the aircraft and have the pilots practice movements considered offensive and defensive in aviation. And although routine, they have given a good account of the unbeatable state in which the weapons hangars are found.

This type of aerobatic flights, although very beautiful, are dangerous both for the pilots who execute them and for those who unexpectedly find themselves in the situation. It is not the first time that traffic accidents have occurred due to mistaken drivers. by losing attention watching the flights, although fortunately there is no need to regret them today.