A shark attack has occurred in Monterey Bay, California. A swimming man was seriously injured on Wednesday, authorities said.

The attack occurred at Lovers Point Beach in the town of Pacific Grove, located south of the city of Monterey in California.
Pacific Grove local police officially announced that a swimmer had been the victim of a shark attack. He would have suffered serious injuries to the stomach and to the leg, according to a municipal official. The victim was rushed to the nearest hospital. His life would not be in danger, according to American media.

A swimmer has been badly injured in a shark attack on the California coast and taken to a hospital, authorities say. Firefighters deployed a drone to search for the shark but there were no immediate sightings. https://t.co/zil5aggwPf

— The Associated Press (@AP) June 23, 2022

According to the first elements, the victim was about twenty meters from the edge when the shark attacked him. Alerted by the cries of the victim, kayakers at sea intervened while people present on the beach at the time of the incident climbed on boards to rescue him and bring him back to shore.

Shark attacks are very rare in California, but according to scientists, the incidents observed in recent years could mark a change in the behavior of sharks, which are now expanding their territory due to global warming of the oceans.