Although there are many questions surrounding the incident that occurred last Tuesday in the Santa Adela neighborhood of Motril when a man started a shootout against a couple who were in the area, The hypothesis thate it was a settling of accounts as a result of a fight between two families. Something that ended with two people injured at the Motril Hospital, one of them still admitted to the ICU with a reserved prognosis.

The fact that previous days, part of those involved in the event were related to a fight that took place on the beach, gives strength to the theory that the final outcome was due to an adjustment for said conflict.a, and that ended after another argument at the door of the house of the wounded, one of them pulling out a pistol and shooting the couple. Later fleeing towards Granada, although the destination is unknown.

In any case, the Police are considering other possible hypotheses that could also gain strength in the coming days, so mkeeps the investigation open based on the statements carried out by the residents of the area.

The events took place on Tuesday around 7:00 p.m. after an argument took place, in the Santa Adela neighborhood, next to Tiburón streetin front of the Tourist Development Center on the beach, when several people approached the couple and after getting out of a vehicle they reportedly fired at least four times before fleeing the area in a car.

Those affected were taken to the hospital due to a gunshot wound, and the man remained in the hospital. Intensive care unit with a gunshot wound to the chest and the woman, who also suffered gunshot wounds to her foot, did not require hospital admission.

After the event, the Mayor of Motril, Luisa García Chamorro, He pointed out through social networks that they will act forcefully and ask the Government Subdelegation to reinforce the police presence in Motril, since “the safety of our neighbors is a priority and the Central Government has to allocate more troops.”

For his part, the Government delegate in Andalusia, Pedro Fernándezannounced to questions from journalists that the investigations are “very advanced”, so it is not ruled out that arrests may be made in the next few hours.