The students that the next course begin their training in the IES Virgin of the Snows of Granada in the cycle of FP Production Programming in Mechanical Manufacturing they will almost certainly come out with a title under one arm and a job offer under the other. The center begins to impart these studies with the confidence that comes from knowing that the sector is in great demand and those who opt for this training will be assured of various professional opportunities. It will be the pioneer center in Granada for studies that, in Andalusia, can be carried out in the provinces of Jaén, Cádiz and Seville.

Manuel Peña Moles, professor of Mechanical Manufacturing, explains that taking this training cycle, at a higher level, allows students to continue their training even at the University, in degrees such as Mechanical Engineering. The course will open with twenty places and the application process is already underway. To access it is necessary to take the medium degree of Machiningalso those who have passed Baccalaureate, those who successfully complete the entrance exam or if they have already completed another higher degree.

As for what the students who begin their training in this cycle will find, they will have two years of academic effort ahead of them. There are 2,000 hours, of which half will be done in companies, since all the students will be trained in Dual mode, explains the deputy director of the Virgen de las Nieves and professor of Vehicle Maintenance, Antonio Claudio Franco. The first term the students will be in the institute and from January, three days a week, they will go to the collaborating companies. The agreements are already signed. “They mainly work in companies dedicated to the metal-mechanical sector, such as Thielmann Portinox, Steelgran Teka, NRF, LaserSur, Laser4, SIMA… However, the field of mechanical manufacturing extends to many more sectors such as natural stone and artificial (Cosentino) or in the plastic sector (Plásticos HITA, Valeo…) and a long etcetera”, specifies Peña Moles.

Teachers are very clear that it is an “emerging sector, with very high insertion.” In Granada, it will only be offered at the IES Virgen de las Nieves, a center that has about 1,500 square meters of workshops. Unlike the intermediate degree, taking the higher degree allows you to assume, when the student graduates, tasks such as team leader or line manager. “They have a job almost guaranteed”, emphasizes the deputy director. The demand for technicians is so high that the center indicates that “we cannot cover” all the requests that come from companies. In one year and nine months – period that the training lasts at the center – the students are working. It should be noted that this high demand is “intrinsically linked to a good salary.”

The most frequent positions held by graduates in this cycle are mechanical technicians, team leaders in metal processing facilities, metal working machine operations manager, assembler manager, CNC programmer, automated systems programmer in mechanical manufacturing or production planning, Peña Moles lists.

“A lot of labor is needed” in sectors such as metal, electronics or maintenance. This demand situation is even expected to increase with the construction in Granada of the IFMIF Dones. The operation of this scientific infrastructure will require highly qualified technicians. “In maintenance, mechatronics or machining is going to shoot” the request for professionals, predict the teachers, who also underline the demand for qualified personnel in the renewable energy sector.

The Virgen de las Nieves de Granada, which has an Applied Technology classroom (Ateca) in its facilities, has 800 Vocational Training students divided into cycles of Mechanical Manufacturing, Installation and Maintenance, Electronics, Wood and Furniture, Early Childhood Education, Tourism or Transportation and Vehicle Maintenance.