The leader of the rebellious hammered home the government’s lack of legitimacy and demanded that Elisabeth Borne seek the confidence of the Assembly.

The answer will not be long in coming. Jean-Luc Mélenchon took the floor in response to the speech by the President of the Republic, this Wednesday evening.

The leader of La France Insoumise estimated that Emmanuel Macron has “reinterpreted the political landscape starting from the idea that he had received a clear mandate from the country in April”. Referring to what he considers to be a lack of government legitimacy, Jean-Luc Mélenchon then said: “the executive is weak, the National Assembly is strong”.

The rebellious leader then demanded that Elisabeth Borne submit to the vote of the deputies in the National Assembly: “There is no need to circumvent reality, Madam Prime Minister, as in all democracies in the world, must appear before the National Assembly, present a program of action and solicit confidence. If she does not have it, she must resign. “

Finally, he questioned the desire expressed in his speech by Emmanuel Macron to listen to the voices of the opposition. “We don’t believe it, why? Because for the last five years, all the amendments presented by the oppositions have been rejected.”