This month of June was punctuated by storms which affected a large part of the territory to such an extent that it broke a record. Indeed, according to BFM TV, the month of june 2022 is quite simply the most struck down month of june since records began in 1989. It beats the previous record, which dated back to 1993. In June of that year, there were 172,600 lightning strikes in France. He was closely followed by the 2021 vintage and its 170,000 love at first sight.

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With nearly 180,000 cloud-to-ground lightning recorded on 23.06.2022, June 2022 becomes the month of June with the most lightning strikes in France ever observed.
Previous record: June 1993 (172,608 cloud-to-ground lightning)
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— Meteorage (@Meteorage__) June 24, 2022

The July 2006 record in the sights

A forecaster interviewed by West France is not surprised by this record. According to him, “all the ingredients are there”. “The hot air was stored during the heat waves and the cold air at altitude overflows over France. There are therefore large hailstones, intense rains, lightning and violent gusts”, details Frédéric Nathan, forecaster at Météo-France.

However, Frédéric Nathan does not foresee a potential worsening of this phenomenon in the future. “It depends on the years, the months… Last year, the month of June was less stormy. With global warming, there will potentially be more large hailstones but we cannot be sure. From there to beat the record of July 2006, the most struck month with more than 370,000 impacts?

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