Hotel employees remove towels from reserved loungers – and are celebrated online

Towels should indicate a reserved spot by the pool.

Reserving loungers with the help of towels is a thorn in the side of many holidaymakers (symbol image)

© Heiko Wolfraum / Picture Alliance

Holidaymakers like to mark the best loungers by the hotel pool with a towel. A hotel in Tenerife is now taking action against the popular practice and is reaping praise on social media.

This post first appeared on RTL.de.

Many vacationers hate it when other vacationers reserve loungers by the pool or beach with towels. That looks like a hotel Tenerife apparently similar: A vacationer filmed the moment when the staff at the Gran Costa Adeje began collecting dozens of towels. In the video, a guest appears to be asking staff to leave their belongings while they are removed.

Tenerife: Hotel guest films towel scandal

German and British holidaymakers in particular are known for securing the best spots on the beach or pool early in the morning. The means of choice: the beach towel. This often leads to heated tempers and arguments with other hotel guests.

To prevent this, the staff at a five-star resort in Tenerife simply removed all the towels that guests had used to reserve the best loungers. The staff referred to signs saying that guests are not allowed to reserve sun loungers before 10 a.m.

Amanda Proctor composing the video tik tok said hotel staff took guests’ bags and towels and left a note for them to pick up their belongings.

TikTok users think the hotel’s action is right

Almost four million people have now viewed the video. Opinions vary, but most welcome the hotel’s action. TikTok user @LM comments: “Every hotel should do this!” Nina Walker writes: “All hotels should do this. Nothing is more annoying than towels and no people.”

Another agreed: “More hotels should do this. It should be first come, first served.” And @DeeCandlish can’t wait for the reaction of those affected: “Ooh, I bet it’s fun to watch people come back.” True to the motto “Whoever has the damage does not need to worry about the ridicule”.