Welcome to War 3.0. an independent Ukrainian organization has turned into an air defense unit thanks to an army of drones

The R18 drone was developed for military use by a non-governmental organization called Aerorozvidka. These people are determined to eliminate Russian military forces using drones and other “innovative tools“. This organization has 10 civilian members and 100 reservists who help the armies of President Zelensky against the Russian invader.

Civilian volunteers within the “Ukrainian territorial defense” have distinguished themselves with feats of arms in the Ukrainian skies since the beginning of the conflict with the unit Aerorozvidkaliterally translated as “aerial reconnaissance“. Composed of drone pilots and enthusiasts of new technologies, this team has made it its specialty to track down Russian tanks with homemade drones transformed into weapons of war.

And it would seem that with their R18 drones, this special commando of volunteers serving the defense of Ukraine is developing its strike force. Above all, it increases tenfold the air response against the tanks of the Russian army.

This is evidenced by the new video published on their Reddit account and in which 36 Russian tanks are presumably destroyed in an air attack carried out by the Aerorozvidka group. In the images, the drone looks like a so-called “octocopter” device called R18.

If it looks like an amateur drone, we discover on the images the terrible damage that these aerial machines can do on Russian tanks. By dropping bombs with extreme precision, the blow is unstoppable for the tank on the ground, which cannot defend itself against such a high and small object.

Since 2022, the Aerorozvidka group has been developing the “militarization” of R18 drones to drop bombs and anti-tank grenades on Russian armor. The R18 has eight propellers with a range of around 4 kilometers and can stay aloft for around 40 minutes.
On these drones, they equip a Soviet-era RKG-3 or RKG-3EM armor-piercing hand grenade, very accurate within a radius of one meter but above all, capable of destroying armored vehicles.

In an article published on the RFI site in May, this organization remains very mysterious about the number of aerial vehicles it has, but according to one of its members, “the whole Ukrainian territory is covered”. Suffice to say that this army of drones is now part of the stakes in this war in Ukraine.

The R-18 drone would cost only 10,000 dollars and the Aerorozvidka group does not fail to indicate on its website that it accepts “PayPal” donations to help equip it in its fight against Russian forces.