At the world swimming championships, Marie Wattel will compete in the 100-meter freestyle final, unlike Charlotte Bonnet. On the 200 meters backstroke, the final will see the Frenchman Mewen Tomac, but not Yohann Ndoye Brouard.

The French go on to the finals. On the distance of the 100 meters freestyle, two Tricolores were in competition to try to win a place in the final. Marie Wattel and Charlotte Bonnet were both present in the first semi-final. After the start, the two Habs started a lot of work. Starting line back number six, Wattel made a good start, only to find herself in front, as she likes to take the race on her own, while Bonnet also seemed to start quite quickly. After the first corner, Marie Wattel was fifth, and her compatriot still behind. After doing the work, Wattel then seemed to be able to come back, finding himself second, third, before finally touching in fourth position, in a time of 53.82, in a rather fast, rather dense semi-final. If Wattel finally won the eighth and last of these semi-finals, Bonnet, eighth and last of her half in a time of 54.73, will not be there, having therefore missed out. At the microphone of France Televisions, his disappointment was palpable: “I really can’t manage to set up what I would like, so it’s complicated. I didn’t expect to swim even slower than this morning…” As for Wattel, she added: “I’m not worried. Honestly, I don’t have the level to go for a final, a medal. What has to happen will happen. What’s most disappointing is that I don’t have the level. »

Ndoye Brouard breaks, Tomac passes

Among the men, it was the 200 meter backstroke that was interesting. Present during the first semi-final, Yohann Ndoye Brouard, who started back row number two, decided to race, to find himself, at the first corner, in fifth position. Generally, the Habs know how to finish their races well when they leave cautiously. But this time, the Frenchman found himself a little behind, sixth and a long way off at the last corner. If he seemed to come back and finish like a rocket, Ndoye Brouard finished fifth, in 1:57.38. At the microphone of France Televisions, he was obviously disappointed: “I had less feeling on this 200 than last year when I was very strong on it. I gave myself completely. I took it as a final. But there, fifth, it will be difficult to pass in the final. It is insufficient. I’ve been thinking more about the 100 meters for the past ten weeks. And I may have set the 200 aside a bit too much. So we’re going to have to find a good balance between the two. In the second semi-final, Mewen Tomac, who started back row number three, found himself behind at the start. A very good start despite everything insofar as from the first corner the Frenchman was second. Still very well placed after 100 meters and almost perfect before the second part of the race, the Habs continued their momentum. Second before the last corner, his good run allowed him to come back up to the head, to finally keep this second place and go to the final, with the fourth time of these halves. His time of 1:56.52, his personal best, can make him hope for great chances, he who confided in France Televisions : ” I am happy. I was a little stressed, because the 100 back, I didn’t pass. I had a little pressure. But here, I’m happy. Second in my semi-final, it’s nickel. I am really happy. I will have to recover and try something tomorrow. Either way, yes it’s open. »