Despite the show of force of his team, returned to 2-2 on Wednesday when they were back to the wall and who will be able to win their third consecutive French championship title on Friday in the Rhône, TJ Parker refuses to claim victory before time. The ASVEL coach nevertheless hopes that the home advantage will prove decisive.

Back to the wall after Monday evening’s defeat in the Principality in match 3, ASVEL had no room for error on Wednesday evening, still on the Monaco floor for the reunion between the two teams on the occasion of the fourth appointment of this final of Betclic Elite. The double champions of France have done even better. Because not only did they avoid a new defeat which would have crowned the Roca Team for the first time in its history, but above all they inflicted a violent blow to our other representative in the Euroleague by humiliating him in his Gaston-Médecin room. (85-68). It is now impossible to imagine that these Villeurbannais, so attractive on Wednesday evening, could collapse in turn when it is time for them to possibly win a third title in a row, and this in front of their audience at the Astroballe and against Monegasques who will probably have a lot of trouble recovering from this knockdown when they probably already saw themselves as champions. Despite this context which has everything favorable for ASVEL, TJ Parker does not want to claim victory too soon. “For game 5, we are at home, but it will not be easy. There are only 2-2. We are not relieved. We will be relieved when we are champions. “, admits the coach of the Rhone club, certain nevertheless without saying it clearly that if the Astroballe, where his players had remained eleven undefeated matches before falling against Monaco in match 1, fully plays his role of sixth man, Monaco should having great difficulty in showering Villeurbannais hopes.

Jones: “Our defense was much better”

“We rely on a burning Astroball to take advantage of this home field advantage. » Tony Parker’s brother will also count on “the big defensive aggressiveness” which allowed his proteges to sweep the Monegasques in this match 4, as well as on two players in particular: William Howard and Marcos Knight. “They took matters into their own hands. An analysis shared by leader Chris Jones, also delighted to have seen a completely different ASVEL at work on Wednesday. “We obviously played as a team on both sides of the field, in defense and in attack. Our defense was much better and allowed us to have easy baskets in transition. “Like his coach, the American is now eager to play this winning match in front of his supporters. ” I am very excited “.