The potential position of Jean-Michel Blanquer within the Parisian university would result “from an external demand”.

After a flat defeat in the legislative elections, Jean-Michel Blanquer could be consoled by a “tailor-made position” within the Panthéon-Assas University in Paris.

Mediapart revealed this Tuesday, June 21, that the famous university had offered the former Minister of Education, a job within its public law department.

But the rumor of an exceptional position, created custom made for the former minister, and arising “from an external demand”already caused a scandal.

Problematic messages

Mediapart published a revealing message from the president of the Parisian university, Stephane Braconnier. In that email, he explains that he “was asked to consider the possibility of welcoming former minister Jean-Michel Blanquer to our university”.

Five days after the rout of Jean-Michel Blanquer in the first round of the legislative elections, the president of the Panthéon-Assas university was seized of an “exceptional” request: to open a tailor-made position to accommodate the former minister. @Mediapart

— Antton Rouget (@AnttonRouget) June 21, 2022

Stéphane Braconnier also reports “unusual, even exceptional, nature of the request”.

The university’s denial

Very quickly, the management of the Parisian university published a press release aimed at rectifying the information revealed by Mediapart. According to these statements, “no request outside the university” has not been issued. Management also adds that the recruitment procedure for Jean-Michel Blanquer will be the same as for any other civil servant.

The arrival of the former Minister of Education is particularly justified by his knowledge of public law. In addition, the president of the university announced in his first message that: “this post […] would stay permanently acquired at University”.

Unions angry

Despite everything, the teachers’ and students’ unions are rising up. The general secretary of the union SNESUP-FSUAnne Roger, expressed her anger on France News. She said: “We completely reverse the procedure by not starting from the field and the needs but from the need to find a place for a minister who is no longer a minister”.

The student union Assas in Progress, published on Twitter a press release in which it expresses “his firm opposition” to the potential hiring of Jean-Michel Blanquer.