Fans of the Mondial-2022 (November 21-December 18) will have to respect local laws according to the Qatari authorities.

Questioned following an article by DailyMail published this weekend, the Supreme Committee of Qatar confirmed that “the social standards of the country must be respected” during the World Cup organized for the first time in a Persian Gulf country.

“Qatar is a conservative country and public displays of affection are frowned upon, regardless of sexual orientation.” In addition, extramarital sexual relations will be punishable by prison terms, World Cup or not.

The travel of supporters is often the subject of overflows and, in particular, of one-night relationships, charged or not. But this time, spectators from abroad will have to abstain.

According to the Spanish agency Efe, the police sources were very clear on how to handle intimate relationships: “Sex is not on the menu, unless you come as husband and wife. There will certainly be no one-night stands at the World Cup. There will be no parties. Everyone has to keep a cool head unless they want to risk being jailed.”

The message is clear. As a reminder, in Qatar, homosexuality is also condemned

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, Qatar reported selling 1.2 million tickets for World Cup matches after the second phase of sales. Qatari leaders said they had registered 40 million ticket requests, which would be a record.