Zinedine Zidane returned to his first meeting with Franck Ribéry, on the sidelines of the 2006 World Cup in Germany. A memory that particularly marked the tricolor legend.

In a long interview with the newspaper The Team, this Thursday, Zinedine Zidane swept away many subjects. Asked about the funniest players he has encountered during his career, the 98 world champion placed, without hesitation, Franck Ribery at the top of the list.

It must be said that from their first meeting, during the preparation course for theFrench team in Tignes for the 2006 World Cup, the former Bavarian stood out by throwing a snowball at the former number 10 of the Blues. A daring gesture that ” surprised “ locker room members. But if some perceived the gesture of the 39-year-old winger as ” a lack of respect ““Zizou”, he rather saw an original way of making contact.

“I would never have done that”

“The first time we did an internship in the French team with him was in the mountains, in Tignes, he remembered. And he threw a snowball at me! The other players were surprised. On me ! But me, when he did that, I thought he was great! It wasn’t a lack of respect. It showed that he wanted to get closer. There are some who do not dare. Franck, it was quite the opposite. Me, I would never have done that. Doing that on Cantona when I arrived… Guys like that, like Ribéry, we need them in a group. They do good. »

“In Madrid, it was the Brazilians”

Franck Ribéry is not the only one who knew how to cheer up the shy “ZZ”… “There was also Thierry Henry. He didn’t stop. He always came out of the floodgateshe added. In Madrid, it was the Brazilians, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, always coming out with bullshit. They are in joy. Zero restraint! I liked these guys because I didn’t go too close to other people. It was my nature. But I have evolved. Especially when becoming a trainer. »

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